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It is a kind of plastic processing technology, which is commonly known as the blister in China. The main principle of this technology is to heat and soften the plastic coiled materials and then adopt the vacuum method to adsorb it on the mould surface to shape...

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Quality Assurance

Quality overview Funway sterile packaging team deems that: the acquisition of various certificates is just proof of process and do not represent the results.Only continuous and effective insistence and stable quality of product delivery are the reflection of o...


PETG is a type of amorphous polyester. Manufacturers of category III medical apparatus and instruments are all familiar with the PETG hard blister packaging. In Mainland China, most of PETG is a kind of blue transparent material, with the thickness between 0.5 and 1.0. It is not only high-end in appearance, but also suitable for ethylene oxide (EO), irradiat...